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The Haute Life in a Hammock

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I’ve always wanted a hammock or as you would say in Spanish “Una Maca.”  It’s not a secret or anything, it just doesn’t usually come up.  Some of my greatest naps as a child were spent on hammocks either on the beaches of Venezuela or in the woods of Maine.  I’m an Irish/Latina hence the polar opposite choices of vacation destinations.  My background has really made me the well-rounded person I am today.  However, I’m hoping that someday owning a hammock of my own will make me a well-rested person for once.

There’s just nothing like lying in a hammock on a warm day listening to the sounds of nature as it swings back and forth slightly.  I have truly never experienced anything so relaxing.  Really the only thing getting in my way of owning a hammock is the lack of space in my apartment.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for the day when I have a backyard again or an apartment with a terrace to make this much needed addition to my life.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t start shopping.

Here are my top hammock picks for my future socialite residence:

Maine Meets Manhattan!

As you probably already knew, I ventured off to Maine this past week to live the Socialite Simple Life in the lakeside woods of Lake Pemaquid Campground. I am pleased to announce that I have returned to civilization completely relaxed and three shades darker. My Maine tan is a result of an elite combination of tubing and tanning on the lake everyday, two activities that I highly recommend. The Hamptons may be “The Scene,” but Maine is “Scenic.” Like any great Manhattan socialite, I focused less on the typical simple life activities such as cooking over an open fire and spent the majority of the week floating around a surprisingly warm lake surrounded by trees, wildlife, and sunshine.

Just as in Manhattan, my mornings always involved a mimosa. I guess you can say that the part of my heart that I didn’t leave at the Chanel store in Soho I left in Maine. Though socialites may not often vacation at the campgrounds of the world, I find them to have an element of Savage Beauty (Alexander McQueen reference) that intrigues me. Though I will miss Maine and its chill atmosphere, every socialite must return to Manhattan at some point. Seeing that I have my share of VIP events to attend next week, I am NYC bound.

Get a load of this view! Total Postcard!

Even if you are a purely Hamptons socialite, you should still take advice from a loon (it’s a really cool bird that swims under the water.)

What’s your story this summer? How are you living the socialite life?

The Socialite “Simple Life” in Damariscotta, ME

Every socialite needs to get away once in a while to a place where a New York minute is a mere millisecond. Being a socialite is a full time job that is never to be taken lightly often resulting in stress and the loss of sanity.  Therefore, I have ventured far away from New York city to my favorite childhood vacation destination, Lake Pemaquid in Damariscotta, ME. The trip began on a rainy evening in New York City where I waited in a horrible rainstorm for a bus to Boston that was an hour late. As I waiting freezing in the rain only to sit for four hours an on overly air conditioned bus, I thought the trip be a disaster. But, everything became brighter the next morning in the warm New England sun as my dad and I drove up to Maine with the sailboat in tow. So here I am at one of the most scenic lakes in Maine enjoying what we all like to call “The Simple Life”

Though I plan on enjoying the scenic views in Maine, I refuse to fish or eat lobster because that’s mean. Just like Paris and Nicole in The Simple Life, I am giving up rooftop bars and shopping sprees, for campfire and quiet days by the lake. But, it’s only for a week. Considering that I am staying in a lag cabin, it’s not exactly camping. However, for a socialite, this absolutely would be considered roughing it. Stay tuned for my “Simple Life” adventure here in the woods of Maine.

We’re driving

Coffee Break!

I love the view of Lake Pemaquid in Damariscotta, ME. It’s what always keeps me coming back for more.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, Dr. Mark J. Sullivan, Doctor of Chemistry and father to myself and Caroline Sullivan. Over the years, my dad has proven himself as a socialite though his love for epic socialite activities such as sailing and skiing.  I have to say, my dad is truly the sailing enthusiast of the family.  Though I never took to sailing or the sciences like my father, my socialite aspirations along with the desire to spend more time with my Dad who resides hours away in Boston have drawn me closer to the sport.  Here he is pictured right sailing on the Boston Harbor.

With my dad at the helm, I participated in socialite activities such as skiing and boating from a young age.  I will never forget the joy of going down my first slope of powder soft snow with my dad on Loon Mountain at the age of seven.  I have been a natural skier ever since.  Every summer we explore our outdoorsy side at the scenic Lake Pemaquid Campground in Damariscotta, ME.  Yes, even aspiring NYC socialites can be outdoorsy from time to time, especially if there are awesome outlets nearby in Freeport, ME.  I am so thankful for all of the opportunities my father has given me growing up and am so grateful for all of the support he has given me in move to New York.  Happy Father’s Day to my Socialite Dad!