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Is Harry Potter a Socialite?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ruled the box office socialite style over the weekend as the biggest movie opening ever. The film brought in $168.6 Million in the U.S. alone. In New York City, being a socialite is like having magical powers. At the drop of a hat, everything at Saks can be yours and the lines in front of the hottest clubs disappear seconds after your approach. Harry Potter may be able to cast a spell upon the box office, but is he socialite? And what other spellbound socialites have disapparated from the mysterious mind of J.K. Rowling?

Harry Potter is famous for being famous. His overnight fame came shortly after he was born. He also has a lot of gold guarded by goblins in Gringotts. Not to mention he went to boarding school in a castle. Like many famous socialites, Harry Potter lives his life in the public eye as the subject of both news and gossip. The paparazzi and crazed reporters such as Rita Skeeter are constantly following him. Though he may not aspire to socialite fame, Harry Potter is a socialite through and through. However, numerous other socialite characters exist in the wizarding world. The Malfoys have a manor and flaunt their socialite status by sitting with the Minster of Magic at the Quidditch World Cup. Bellatrix Lestrange may be one of the most evil witches that ever lived, but shopping with her could be an elegantly bewitching experience, kind of like shopping with Blair Waldorf. Having grown up with Harry Potter, I’m sad that this marks the end of an era, but it was a great way to end it.

All Access Accessory: The Magical World of Breil Jewelry

The magic behind being an Aspiring Socialite is to believe that anything is possible. My newest obsession is this revolutionary stainless steel collection by Breil.  Every piece can be worn in a number of ways so buying one is like buying many.  Pendants magically turn into long multi-layered chains and charm bracelets become necklaces within seconds.  Though Breil also has a famous line of high-end luxury watches, nothing in this collection retails for over $140.

With the social scene constantly evolving, a socialite’s jewelry must do the same. Objects that sparkle always seem magical, only with this collection they actually are.  Wearing any of these pieces to a cocktail party is guaranteed to make you the center of attention as you wow the party with your jewelry magic tricks.  Plus, they are the perfect accessory to wear with the classic little black dress.