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Starting Off my Birthday Weekend with Cake Flavored Vodka

Holidayyyyyy! Celebrateeee! I pride myself on living everyday like it’s my birthday. However, it is soon to be my actual birthday making my life even more special. Happy almost Birthday to ME! Tomorrow, on September 4th I will celebrate 25 years of excellence with my friends and family. Thanks to Labor Day, I always get the gift of a long weekend every year around my birthday. Flavored vodka is a pinnacle part of any celebration. Therefore, I could not be more excited about the recent introduction of cake flavored vodka. It really tastes and smells like pound cake. Perfect for celebrating any occasion particularly a birthday.  The bottle is even decorated with sprinkles like a real birthday cake.

When you’re a socialite, champagne and vodka serve as essential food groups.  Cake flavored vodka is best served straight up or on the rocks.  But, if you really want a mixed drink, it is also good with Ginger Ale and ice.  I loved it so much that I kind of get carried away with the pictures.

Blow out the candles and make a wish! I wish to live like a socialite. Opps! I told my wish. Whatever! I was never one to follow the rules, especially not around my birthday.