5 Apps for the Fashionably Mobile

Fashion Tech

Being a fashionista can be a big responsibility. But with the right apps your calling as a role model and stylist can be made a little easier. Whether it’s finding the best deals or making a little money on the side, here are five free apps you simply must have:

1. Poshmark

If you’re looking to have your own rummage sale or find a good deal on your favorite designer items, you simply must download Poshmark. I use it to make a little extra money from clothes and accessories I’m not using. Living in pricy NYC, the extra cash comes in handy.

2. StyleLend

Have a dress in your closet that you only wore once for a special occasion, but can’t bear to part with? StyleLend allows you to create you own Rent the Runway by renting out your formal dresses for a profit. By renting it out multiple times, you’ll make more money than selling it and get to keep your beloved gown.

3. Mallzee

Mallzee is essentially Tinder for fashion. By downloading it, you can say goodbye to creepy men who look nothing like their photos and hello to over 100 high street retailers and boutiques. Their super shoppable feeds are totally addicting and allow you to stay ahead of the curb.

4. TheVane

Ever got stuck wearing an outfit that wasn’t weather appropriate? With TheVane – a personal stylist, travel packing list and local weather app, you’ll never find yourself in that situation again. They send me updates every morning telling me not only what the temperature is, but more importantly what it feels like outside. So I know exactly what to wear for the weather.

5. Priv

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own personal makeup artist, trainer, nail technician, hair stylist or massage therapist? Priv is the app that can make it possible. Using Priv, you can hire top rated beauty and wellness professionals to come to your home.

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A Day at the New Museum of Contemporary Art

NYC rooftop New Museum

Over the weekend, my Dad and I spent an amazing day downtown at The New Museum of Contemporary Art. Our self-guided tour began on the second floor with stunning paintings by the English Turner Prize-winning painter, Chris Ofili. His stunning works of art featuring intricate layers of breathtaking colors, patterns and even glitter depicted everything from pop culture to epic poems. I was most taken by Ofili’s ability to tell a story and his various portrayals of women. The tour ended on the roof deck with a beautiful view of the city landscape which is always an exhibition within itself.

Call it classy or call it bizarre, but my Dad and I often bond over contemporary and conceptual art. While I can walk by a Picasso or Monet without feeling a thing, the themes, feelings and social issues contemporary pieces explore evoke intense thought and emotion. I hope to someday be a collector.


New Museum

Chris Ofili Painting

NYC Skyline

Soho NYC

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