What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party When You Don’t Own a Jersey

So this weekend is the Super Bowl or at least I think it is. Being someone who doesn’t fully understand or follow sports, it’s hard for me to keep track of these things. But, one thing I do fully understand is fashion. Today, when I was invited to a Super Bowl party, I was faced with a minor dilemma of what to wear on that epic Sunday.  Since most Super Bowl fashion consists of jeans and a team jersey paired with the ultimate accessory of a Bud Light, I wasn’t quite sure what to wear having never owned or planned on owning a sports jersey.  It’s not that jerseys aren’t cute, they just don’t reflect my personality or passion as well as other clothes do.  For those of you out there also seeking an outfit alternative, I have one for you.  For those of your seeking a viewing alternative, I suggest you tune into the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

1.  Alexa Leopard Angora Sweater:  It may not seem like it, but this sweater totally goes along with the whole sports theme.  Many sports teams are named after animals so it’s always good to add a fierce animal print to your outfit when watching the big game.

2.  Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Watch:  There’s a reason why trophies are gold and silver.  Athletes love bling.

3.  Kate Spade Flicker Melinda Satchel Handbag:  Serves as some more winning game day bling big enough to store a couple bottles of the beverage of your choice.

4.  Frye Carmen Harness Tall Taupe Waxed Suede Boots:  Every fashion baller needs a pair of sleek brown boots and you can’t get any better than Frye.

5.  Kate Spade All Wrapped Up Stud Earrings:  Your kate spade earrings play on the same team as your kate spade satchel and it’s a winning team. Go team kate!

6.  Levi’s Modern Bold Curve Straight Jeans:  If you’re going to celebrate the most important unofficial American holiday, you should always wear something all-American.

  • Melissa

    This article is absolutely ridiculous. If you don’t own a jersey, that is completely fine. Not every person is a huge football fan, or at least enough of one to buy a jersey. BUT, the reasoning behind this outfit it disgusting. An animal print sweater because some teams’ mascots are animals? A gold watch because trophies are gold? That is just embarrassing. Show up in something you already own in your closet. The men at the party will be drinking beer and watching the game. They won’t think you are clever for showing up in an animal print…especially since the Patriots and Giants aren’t animals.