The COACH Poppy Collection: Excess on the Go

The Treats Truck which can be found selling goodies on street corners in NYC is now teaming up with the COACH Poppy Collection. For the entire month of July The Treats Truck will be popping up in near COACH stores all over the city doing cookie giveaways. Every week one lucky COACH fanatic will win a free bag. This is better than the time Willy Wonka opened his mysterious chocolate factory to those kids who found the golden tickets. Even people trying to lose weight or save money, won’t be able to resist the temptation of The Treats Truck covered in pictures of the hottest Poppy collection accessories and filled with delicious sweets. Keep checking The Treat’s Truck Twitter account for its current location. The truck’s schedule is also up on their website. Summer is just full of surprises!

(c) Vicky Sullivan Originally posted on Aspiring Socialite. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Vicky unless otherwise noted.

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