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Aspiring Socialite + Secrets of the Red Carpet

I always knew I was destined for fashion television and I just got my first taste.  I’m so excited to announce that yesterday, Aspiring Socialite was mentioned on Luke Reichle’s YouTube series, Secrets of the Red Carpet.  It’s a fabulous online series airing new episodes every Saturday at 3 p.m.  As a renowned fashion and costume designer, Luke is truly a fashion expert with experience designing for major Hollywood studios and top labels such as Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein, and Alexander Julian.  His latest endeavors include designing costumes for the hit TV shows, Castle, Without a Trace, and CSI Miami.

I really admire and believe in Luke’s mantra that style comes from the inside out making confidence the most valuable accessory.  Be sure to tune into the most recent episode of Secrets of the Red Carpet featuring actress, Traci Lords, star of Excision and Cry Baby.  Aspiring Socialite is mentioned at the end and the beginning.  Thanks so much for the shout out Luke!

The Lights are Brighter than The Hills

In business as in life, there is nothing more powerful than an idea. On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere party of The Lights, an online reality series for the social media generation that follows a rolling cast of femmetrepreneurs on the rise in New York City. As a show about big city dreams there was not a better place to kick off the series than the Empire State Building. Season 1 follows the lives of four young women as they hit the streets of New York trying to make their dreams a reality. Christina Esther, Executive Producer and Creator of the show, spends the season trying to promote her latest venture, FudgeHim, a line of products for after a break-up. Emily Brickel embarks on a journey to create her own clothing line trying to get noticed by dressing The Real Housewives of New York. Marigo Mihalos is an all-star publicist attempting to start her own boutique PR agency. The final cast member is digital diva, Sarah Austin, who is a self-made Internet celebrity and one of the first lifecasters on Justin.tvThe Lights is 100% real and truly an inspiration. Who says you can’t be a reality star and a career woman at the same time? They will absolutely be seeing me at their next casting call because like these ladies, my New York story is one that needs to be told. Best of luck to the stars of Season 1! I will be watching.

[youtube M96GbO9kpS4]

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