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An Aspiring Socialite in Washington D.C.

Socialites often have family members connected to the government. Usually out of boredom, status, or the thirst for political power, members of distinguished American families tend to run for public office. Well, I’m no exception to this rule.  I don’t know how many of you know this, but I’m originally from Wilmington, DE.  Upon graduating from the University of Delaware, my little sister, Caroline Sullivan, took an internship with United States Senator Chris Coons of the state of Delaware.

I’m so proud of my sister for having spent the last six months defending the interest of Delaware and our tax-free shopping ways on Capitol Hill.  This makes me proud to be an American, the kind that doesn’t have to stand in line to tour the Capitol Building, which I have to say was very tastefully done with its chandeliers, crown moldings, and epic paintings/statues.  Caroline gives a great tour too.  In D.C., I represented New York City by dressing in mostly black with black boots and leggings.

Washington D.C. is a completely different city underground and we got to ride on a secret subway.

The view of the Capitol Dome from the visitors’ center

Nice stairs!

The muse of time. Her name is Clio.