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Lovestruck by Fashion & Freebies

A few months ago, I went to the Grand Opening of the Korean jewelry store, J.Estina, at The Plaza Hotel. Though they are predominantly known for their crown designs which are symbols of good luck in Korea, J.Estina, has me seeing hearts with their special Valentine’s Day offer.  Those of you in the New York area can enter to win a J.Estina sterling silver necklace and receive complimentary engraving on your purchase simply by printing the above card, filling it out, and dropping it off at their jewelry boutique at The Plaza.

Here’s some more fun Valentine’s Day shopping ideas from my heart to yours:

Valentine’s Day Inspired Fashion

Don’t you just love pink and red?  I may not have a date yet for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t stock up on V-Day inspired fashions.  I guess I’ll just be a stylish single this year.  I’d like to profess my love for the following products.  You can rekindle your love affair with shopping right here and now when you click on the items to buy them for yourself just in time for Valentine’s Day 2012:

DKNY Red Vintage Leather Leather Clutch with Chain Handle ($195.00)

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Valentine’s Day Gifts Inspired By Romantic Comedies

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  As a single lady, I always feel very left out of this sometimes overrated holiday.  But, I love the movies and the gifts.  Therefore, I think it’s awesome how the Valentine’s Day gifts I’ve been lusting over tie in so well with some of my fav romantic comedies.  I miss the Valentine’s Days in the early years of grade school when I would wake up to a basket of chocolates and money for me from my parents at the breakfast table followed by a day at school of doing absolutely no work, eating candy, and exchanging V-day cards with everyone in class.  Now, I walk around the city on this epic lovers’ holiday surrounded by thousands of people carrying around flowers and chocolates either for or from their significant other.  It’s depressing.

This year, however, I’m planning ahead by coming up with festive activities I can participate in such as a champagne induced dance party in my apartment to Beyonce’s Single Ladies followed by a screening of a romantic comedy.  I have’t seen Friends With Benefits yet so I think I may go with that movie.  Let me know if you want to join.