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Guest Post: You Wear What you Watch

Pretty Little Liars

Runway fashion is awe-inspiring and often goes on to awaken street style and the looks you see at your local department store. But where do we really get our biggest fashion inspiration from? The answer is our favorite movies and TV shows. Lately, the world of entertainment has been not only a huge trendsetter, but the source of major fashion movements. So if you suffer from a continuous “I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear-syndrome,” here are a few characters to take some inspiration from.

Pretty Little Liars Style Icons

Currently, the main show serving as a fashion muse for almost every fashionista is Pretty Little Liars. PLL literally has something for everyone.

spencer hastings outfit

If you’re sophisticated, yet classy then Spencer Hastings is your girl. Like every great prepster, she’s too chic to be nerdy. Spencer’s fine and elegant school girl fashion sense is never out of place and is easy to pull off everyday.

hanna marin style

If you’re into ultra girly glamour than Hannah Marin should be your style role model. She’s always immaculately dressed to impress. Though she sometimes goes a little overboard with the bling, Hannah knows how to perfectly accessorize her looks. Girls looking for a flirty and girly way to dress up can take inspiration from this young fashionista.

Chasing Life and Style

Chasing Life TV

Not many may agree that Chasing Life is a fashion inspiration. But for people who are new to their jobs and want a simple yet charmingly casual look, then Ms. April Carver can be your inspiration. This girl is obviously going through a tough time in her life, but with friends and family like hers, it wouldn’t hurt much to dress nice.

Beauty (who dresses well) and the Beast

cat 1

If we talk about the show in particular I am not much of a fan but, Catherine Chandler dresses so well that one can’t miss an episode. From her perfect jackets to pretty dresses, the girl is a walking fashion magazine. If you like to keep things extremely chic, follow her fashion.

The Vampire (and my fashion) Diaries


This show was a hit for its first few seasons, lost its fan following but regained them all back through the latest season. If we forget the show itself for a moment, the dresses and outfits featured on it are just perfect.

There’s something about Elena Gilbert’s style that gets us all swooning every time she makes her appearance. If we look at Elena’s style sense, she’s never over or underdressed and everything is always in place, no matter if she’s dressed casual,  semi-formal or formal.

Caroline Forbes is another fashion girl crush from the show. The outspoken yet super stylish Caroline loves to keep it girly and sometimes edgy. You’ll see her in an adorable girly dress one day and the next day she’ll be killing it with some edgy and sultry pieces.

The list can go on and on. Have fun fashion lovers and stay fabulous!

This guest post was written by Sheerin, a content writer for Sophie & Trey, an online clothing store for women offering a large variety of dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Like them on Facebook to stay updated with the latest deals and sales.

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A Fall of Primetime Secrets and Lies

If the season finale and marathon of Pretty Little Liars tonight isn’t enough to get your dark television drama fix, secrets, lies, and stolen identities will be taking over primetime this fall.  Here is the scoop on four fall shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat:

Revenge: (Premieres Wed. Sept. 21st 10/9c on ABC) Is a modern version of The Count of Monte Cristo with a female protagonist. It tells the story of Emily Thorne, a newcomer to the Hamptons who isn’t new to the area at all. Something horrible happened long ago that ruined her family and she is back for revenge.  Socialites never forgive and forget.

The Secret Circle: (Premieres Thurs. Sept. 15th 9/8c on The CW) Vampires and werewolves are out and witches are in. To my delight, Halloween is coming early this year with The Secret Circle.  Cassie Blake is a seemingly normal teenage girl who finds herself orphaned after a fire.  After moving in with her grandmother, she discovers she was meant to complete a mysterious circle of powerful witches. But, dark magic may be at play when she begins to speculate that the fire may not have been an accident.

Ringer: (Premieres Tues. Sept. 13th 9/8c on The CW) Taking place in New York, this seems a lot like an adult Gossip Girl. Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a woman on the run who after briefly reuniting with her identical twin sister assumes her identity when her seemingly perfect sister disappears overboard on a boat trip. However, with all of the secrets and lies the deceptively flawless Siobhan was hiding she is no safer as her sister.

The Lying Game: (Premiered Mon. Aug. 15th 9/8c on ABC Family) Twins and deception seem be a theme this television season. Emma and Sutton are two twins separated at birth that switch lives in order of pursue the mysterious identity of their birth mother, but there are many other secrets along the way. With Pretty Little Liars coming to an end it’s great that there is another Sara Shepard novel coming to the small screen.