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TechStyle NYC’s Urban Oasis

Summer Hair Aspiring Socialite

I recently spent some quality time hanging out at an amazing house in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan checking out some awesome products with some of NYC’s most fabulous bloggers. Complete with an indoor pool, this house was truly an urban oasis in the concrete jungle we know as New York.

Aside from meeting some really compelling people, I got my hair done by Caravan Stylist Studio, checked out the cutting edge Velvet Eyewear line and got a true feel for Lifetherapy’s mood-changing body creams, lotions and scrubs. I love how Lifetherapy allows you to choose your mood just by choosing a scent. No matter which you choose, all of their scents will help you escape into a relaxing, happy place.

Many thanks to TechStyle NYC for the invite. It was good vibes all around and truly one of the highlights of my summer.

Velvet Eyewear sunglasses

Sporting my Velvet Eyewear Zoey Sunglasses in Nude and Light Blue. I love them!

Velvet Eyewear

TechStyle Indoor Pool

Lifetherapy body wash

Lifetherapy Fragrance Body

Bath tub Lifetherapy

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A Typical Monday in the Life of An Aspiring Socialite

Starting off the week with a socialite flair: Mondays don’t always have to be bland. In the world of elite socialites, they barely even exist. I blog with the belief that one day, my life will consist of one big weekend. In a city of black, white, and grey I took the liberty of brightening up my Monday with a pair of hot pink capris with the intention of making NYC more like Miami Beach. Just like any New Yorker, I really do enjoy the combination of dressing in all black with one unique accessory to stand out, however, once the weather gets warmer, it’s time to brighten things up a bit.

Turning heads: I don’t know what stopped traffic more: Was it my hot pink pants in a rush hour traffic full of nothing, but black suits? Or was it me stopping to take pictures of myself in reflective surfaces all over the city on my way home? Either way, socialites were made to stand out and aspiring ones are no exception.

Summer shopping: As you can see, I also went shopping at H&M to expand my summer wardrobe for 2011. They have some awesome basics for summer, however, at times it was hard to figure out what was a beach coverup and what was a sundress.

Aspiring to the great wisdom of yoga: At the end of the day, I took to Yoga to the People to expand my energy within. As someone with a life as busy as mine, I need all of the endorphins I can get. Therefore, I turn to hot yoga for both energy and serenity.

Well, that was my day. What do you do on a typical Monday to make yourself more of a socialite?