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How the Other Half Lives: Los Angeles

At the height of the heat wave raking havoc on patio parties and electric bills across the East Coast, it’s time those of us stuck on the scorching island of Manhattan considered other options. Whoever said that it’s not the heat that will kill you, but the humidity, was 1000% correct. I think it’s safe to say that global warming has many a New York-based Aspiring Socialite desperate for a Hamptons house with a pool and/or a bicoastal lifestyle. Though I’ve never been, I hear it’s always 72 degrees and sunny 3000 miles away in La La Land AKA Los Angeles. Weather and real estate is where L.A. socialites have us New Yorkers beat. Though this heat wave is coming to a close and temperatures are predicted to be comfortably in the 80’s, I’m far from letting go of my dream of someday partying high in the Hollywood Hills and shopping on Rodeo Drive.

I love my L.A. counterparts! Photos compliments of the lovely Alexandra DiNovi, Hollywood actress, L.A. socialite, and one of my best Twitter pals who I hope to party with in person soon. Check out her IMDb page.