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Spring Into Shoes

Floral Pumps Spring Shoes

Though it still doesn’t feel much like spring in NYC, the season is in full bloom in the store windows with florals, sundresses and bright colors. As much as I love my over the knee boots, I simply can’t wait to trade them in for a pastel pair of heels or some strappy sandals. Whether you’re in the market for a spring neutral or something a little bolder, here are a few of my favorites:

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Go Sockless with Silver Linings Shoe Liners


With summer just around the corner, Silver Linings shoe liners are a must-have accessory for any fashionista sporting her favorite pair of summer shoes. Not only do they keep your feet fresh and odor-free during those sweaty summer months, they also preserve your shoe interiors significantly lengthening the life of your shoes. I personally love how they maintain that new shoe feeling and keep your feet in place making your heels more comfortable. Each pair lasts 10-15 uses and is infused with Agion silver to inhibit the growth of bacterial odor.

Jennifer Chu invented Silver Linings while working a 9 to 5 office job where she wore her pumps for 12+ continuous hours each day, without socks. She soon discovered that the interior of her shoes were wearing down faster than the exterior and that many of her favorite pairs had to be thrown away when they they acquired an unpleasant odor. She found the answer to her shoe peril along with forever fresh and clean shoes when she came up with the idea for Silver Linings. Her and her shoes have lived happily ever after ever since.

To win a pair of Silver Linings comment on this post telling me about your favorite pair of heels! 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

Shoe Crush

Seeing that I shop online just as often as most people check Facebook, I’ve developed a good amount of shoe crushes and I think I’m in love.  My shoe crushes are as numerous as they are expensive.  Though I didn’t plan it that way, three of them are Charlotte Olympia.  They say all love is unrequited and when it comes to me and heels, that this so true.  Being clumsy and flat-footed, I’m drawn to heels like a moth to a flame.

Introducing my latest shoe crushes:

1.  Charlotte Olympia Priscilla Striped Suede Island Platform Pumps: All these amazing colors make this shoe surprisingly versatile.  No one will miss your shoes in these fun and flirty pumps.

2.  Charlotte Olympia Dolly Signature Court Island Blush Platform: These chic neutrals have a sexy twist with the gold platform.  Whenever I’m in the market for more comfortable heels, I usually look for platform or wedges.

3.  Charlotte Olympia Moon Pump: I love the uniqueness and personality of these shoes.  They’re fabulous pumps and a great conversation piece all in one.

4.   Ellie Iridescence: These are the only affordable killer heels that I’m currently crushing on.  The peacock plume and bow with the right accessories would be the perfect addition to the classic little black dress.

I can’t talk about show crushes without Aruna Seth.  It’s a lifetime goal of mine to attend a dinner party or evening event in an Alice Temperley gown and Aruna Seth pumps with her signature butterfly.  A little bird also known as Twitter told me that Aruna Seth is offering free shipping to the USA for the entire month of October which is yet another reason to love fall and shoes!

Fall For Foot Petals Shoe Cushions This Autumn

Living in New York, where walking is one of the main forms of transportation, shoes and purses are the equivalent of cars.  Between Mary Janes, platforms, and stilettos, heels are the passion of every fashionista. Any Aspiring Socialite has an undying desire for red soled Christian Louboutins.  But, when it comes to red blisters on the soles of your feet, the love/hate relationship both your feet and your Visa card have with your prized heels becomes apparent.  With flat feet and a bad back, I find myself wearing flats more than I care to admit. However, this fall, I’m not going to let my slight medical condition stop me from looking stylish in heels.  Not that flats can’t be stylish.  Foot Petals, are known for their fabulous and fashionable shoe inserts and shoe cushions, adding comfort to any of your fall shoes.

The Socialite Guide to Foot Petals: 

1.  Stiletto Shieldz: Dressy and strappy heels transition from summer to fall with tights or pants. Apply Stiletto Shieldz, launched by Foot Petals in May, to the outside of stiletto heels to prevent scuffs and nicks. Or add some Strappy Strips to the inside of any strap on your high heels to prevent red marks, rubbing, or just to keep a loose strap in place!

2.  Pressure Pointz:  Women wearing high heels can stick these small shoe cushions in a specific problem spot of their shoes to create a defense layer between their shoe and skin.

3.  Killer Kushionz: Go across the entire sole of the shoe and help keep your foot in place so it doesn’t slide forward, preventing toe cramping while wearing your pointy toed shoes.

4.  Strappy Strips: These ultra-thin strips slip virtually undetected into strappy sandals to keep straps from slipping and prevent blisters and red marks on sensitive heels and ankles.

5.  Heavenly Heelz: If loafers are your go to shoe for fall, Heavenly Heelz shoe cushions are a great product for any shoe that is a bit too big or cuts the back of your heel. Simply apply to the inside back of your shoe to keep your foot comfortably in place.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are my own. 

Fancy Fixation: Aruna Seth’s Diamond Jubilee Shoes

I’ve always wanted to go to England. I’ve been hoping Christian Grey would take me to his home in London in his private jet.  Sadly, he is a fictional character existing only in the rather interesting mind of West Londoner Twi-Mom, E.L. James.  But, an American girl can dream and of course tune into Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee on June 5, 2012.

After coming across these fabulous Swarovski crystal covered Aruna Seth platform pumps on Betty Confidential, I became utterly obsessed.  This UK shoe designer is said to be a favorite of Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice.  As homage to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, she has made 0nly 10 pairs of these limited edition shoe enthusiast collectables.  They are currently on display at Harrod’s in London.  Each has a grand total of 3,000 Swarovski crystals.  It takes two weeks for one person to attach the patriotic crystals to the shoes by hand.  I must say I’m smitten.