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The Unofficial Official New York Fashion Week Party at SL

With Fashion Week nearly over, it is time to amp up the party scene. No more will shows, appearances, and commitments stand in the way of a night of carefree partying, at least not until February. Yesterday, my friends over at StyleCaster invited me to their Unofficial Official New York Fashion Week Party at the exclusive Simyone Lounge in Meatpacking featuring music by Dove ‘Go Fresh’ DJ Chelsea Leyland, and free drinks by Hypnotiq Harmonie (which is great mixed with champagne.) The Simyone Lounge is better known to the city’s elite runway models as SL.

Clubs like SL are even more exclusive on the weeknights. In spite of being on the VIP list, I waited in line in heels for two hours to get into the famous SL which actually turned out to be a great workout for my legs. While in line, I spotted FourSquare founder, Dennis Crowley, leaving (I wonder if he unlocked the ‘Out on a School Night’ Badge?) and said hi to an old friend of mine from my interning days. A lot of people in line looked familiar, but then again they were probably models who I might have seen in a national campaign somewhere. In a line full of models in expensive dresses, it’s really easy to feel average. Two hours later, I finally entered SL with an hour left of the party and tasted victory along with a few delicious Hypnotiq Harmonie cocktails. As I suspected, the club wasn’t crowded at all and the line was all for show. There was even enough room to sit down if you wanted to which isn’t usually the case at all in the bars of New York City. I guess even socialites have to wait in line once and while, especially if your dedication to fashion and free cocktails is as strong as mine.

Interesting choice of interior design. The walls of SL are all lined with X-ray images of bones. Since so many celebrities hang out there, I wonder if they are of celebrities.

It’s a party in the U.S.A!

After Party Flats are Flat Out Amazing

The first rule of New York City is “Never go barefoot.”  But, after a long night out on the town in a city that glorifies both tall buildings and 6-inch heels, you are going to want to do the unthinkable and walk the streets of Manhattan with shoes in hand.  Like most rules here in the Big Apple, the barefoot rule was meant to be broken.  While you might have begun the evening looking like a princess in $700 Louboutin heels, the higher the heel the more likely you are to end the night barefoot as a pauper.

The invention of After Party Flats may just have saved me and millions of other stylish socialites from an incurable foot disease.  The concept is both simple and stylish making them a total socialite staple. All you do is fold up an adorable pair of ballet flats that coordinate with the night’s outfit and slip them in your bag.  When you can no longer handle the agony of your killer heels, pull the switch.  Just remember to find a safe place to store those fabulous Louboutins.  Your newly found comfort is bound to result in a much longer evening in the city that never sleeps.  So get yourself a pair of after party flats because even socialites can’t afford to sell their sole.

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