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My Cousin’s Wedding

bride wedding

After countless summers in Maine, day-long Law & Order SVU marathons, and a lifetime of holidays spent together, I watched my cousin Laura walk down the aisle last weekend in New Hampshire. She was such a beautiful bride. It was almost like she was born to wear the white dress because everything about being a bride came so naturally to her. So far, celebrating the newest Mrs. McGuinness among friends and family that I’ve known since birth has been the highlight of my 2014. Congratulations to Laura and Tim! I’m so looking forward to making new memories with you.

wedding dress

The dress

White flowers

The bouquet

wedding photo

The groom, the bride, and me

center pieces

The centerpieces


The bride and her sisters

photo booth

Photo booth fun

catching and boquet

P.S. – If you’re wondering who caught the bouquet, it was ME! After the first bouquet she threw went into the chandelier, the bride grabbed a branch of flowers from a centerpiece and threw it over her shoulder to the single ladies. It fell right into my hands and I screamed like a schoolgirl as I danced with the bride to the rest of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).’

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June Weddings 101

I love weddings, especially June weddings. With summer fast approaching, my daydreams are filled with images of breathtaking outdoor weddings under the sun.  Though there’s a certain etiquette to being a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, etc. no one really tells you what to do or wear when you are just a guest at a wedding.  Well, that’s all about to change.

Being a guest at someone’s wedding is just as much of an honor as being in the wedding, but with less responsibilities.  Be sure to look fabulous by dressing appropriately for the theme, venue, and time of day.  When with the bride and groom, don’t steal their spotlight.  But, being the center of attention at your table or on the dance floor is fair game.  Though catching the bouquet is always fun, you up your chances of being the next person to get married  by hobnobbing with as many cute guys in the reception as possible.

What to Wear to an Afternoon Summer Wedding:

Just because I have yet to be invited to a wedding this summer, doesn’t mean that I can’t start planning my outfit.

1.  Miss Selfridge Mint Lace Skater Dress:  So cute and whimsical!  This dress is also conservative enough to get the nod of approval from the grandparents who are bound to be at the wedding without being matronly.

2.  Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Shoulder Handbag:  This cute little Minkoff bag is big enough to hold everything you need without being overbearing.  Beige bags are great for summer weddings.

3.  Yves Saint Laurent Obsession Satin & Suede Pumps:  I’m utterly obsessed with these shoes!  Enough said.

4.  TOPSHOP Dip Dye Drop Earrings:  These green and gold pastels go so perfectly with this ensemble.

5.  Banana Republic The Mad Men Collection High Ball Cocktail Ring:  Chances are you’ll be sipping your share of champagne and cocktails at the wedding in honor of the happy couple which gives you the perfect chance to show off a cocktail ring.

Fun Wedding/Bridal Shower Gift Ideas:

Though I prefer to give and receive cash at these occasions, I couldn’t get over how cute these potential wedding/bridal shower gifts are.

1.  Jonathan Adler ‘Jet Set’ Porcelain Coasters:  Jonathan Adler has excellent home goods to give as wedding presents.  These coasters are perfect for your typical jet setting socialite couple.

2.  Vera Wang Wedgwood Dinnerware:  Vera Wang doesn’t just make excellent wedding dresses, her dinnerware makes a wonderful bridal gift.

3.  Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker:  The party doesn’t stop just because you tied the knot.  This is a great gift for a couple who loves to entertain.

4.  Missoni Tropical Sugar Bowl:  Even if the bride and groom aren’t the cooking type, this Missoni sugar bowl is an awesome kitchen decoration.

5.  Gift Boutique Fortune Cookie Box:  To give the newly married couple good fortune.

6.  Diane Von Furstenberg Camargue Rolling Expandable Luggage:  They’ll love a new set of luggage to bring on the honeymoon.