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Eyes Redefined with Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Quads and InStyle Magazine

Chanel Les 4 Ombres

Just in time for the September runway shows across New York, London, Paris and Milan, Chanel released a new collection of Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quads inspired by their iconic tweeds. In order to celebrate these amazing shades in way only fitting of Chanel, I set off to the makeup counter at the 59th St. Bloomingdale’s to style my eyes with InStyle Beauty Director, Kahlana Barfield and Chanel National Makeup Artists (NMAs) John Fussell and Sterling Williams.

Using the Les 4 Ombres Quadra in Tissé Vénitien, Chanel Ebene Eyeliner and Le Volume de Chanel Noir Mascara,  the incredibly talented Chanel makeup artist Reanna Godfrey (ask for her at Bloomingdale’s), transformed my eyes into the ultimate smokey eye look. The green hues in the Tissé Vénitien quad, put a nautical spin on the traditional smokey eye. I even mentioned feeling like a mermaid at one point. When the look was complete, Chanel National Makeup Artist John Fussell pointed out that the colors in the palette matched the vibrants blues and greens in my eyes perfectly. So in a magical way, it was almost like they never closed even when I blinked.

As a blue eyed girl, I’m always looking for new ways to bring out my unique eye color and nothing beats Chanel’s beautifuly long-lasting shades. While the must-have Le Volume de Chanel Mascara made my lashes thicker than ever, Chanel Les 4 Ombres quads give you endless options to blend the hues together for an array of stunning looks.

Chanel Makeup

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are all my own.

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Look Good and Feel Good About Yourself

Cosmetic Surgery 1

A logical and open minded approach to personal appearance is essential for all of us who want to have a confident and outgoing image. Generally speaking, if we look good we feel good. The two outcomes are inextricably linked and contain the core of happiness and satisfaction. Thankfully, with today’s greater awareness of health and wellness all of us can attain the rewards promised by a well informed healthy lifestyle. The following are five of the best ways to achieving this ideal situation.

1. Sensible Dieting

A sensible diet should never be looked on as a quick-fix solution. The aim should always be to address a food and calorie intake in as sensible a way as possible. This means obtaining some reasonable advice about nutrition and healthy foods, while making firm commitments to stick with the effort. The faddish diets that make unrealistic promises usually fail as they take the whole concept of a diet away from the individual. The important thing should be to learn what works for you and to keep on doing it.

2. Daily Exercise

Along with sensible dieting, an essential for looking and feeling good is a revitalizing routine of daily exercise. This can be perfectly flexible and designed to fit in with an individual’s schedule and activities. The idea of visiting the gym every day does not have to necessarily apply, as a good level of exercise can be applied in the home or on the neighbourhood streets and parks. Aiming for a good 15 minutes of exercise every day can provide a great way to benefit from the natural high of being proactive about your health and personal fitness.

3. Liposuction to Tackle the Stubborn Areas

Occasionally, there are pockets of body fat that are impossible to shift no matter how rigorous the exercise and diet regime are. For those struggling with these troublesome deposits of fat, the expert surgeons of Cosmetics Canada could well have the answer. Their expert deployment of liposuction techniques can remodel and reshape the tummy, leaving a patient a new profile and new confidence. In no way an alternative to a healthy lifestyle, liposuction procedures should be best seen as an option for the hardest to manage parts of the stomach.

4. Facelift for a Younger You

The most advanced facelift procedures fully take into account an individual’s face. Every patient has a unique set of facial features, all of which form the basis for this natural style of assistance. This can often be the best option for everyone looking to remove wrinkles, sagging skin, and facial fat. With the whole procedure and recovery taking far less time than in previous years, a facelift could well be the ideal choice.  A professional facelift carried out by medical professionals can usually take as much as 10-15 years off a patient’s face. This alone can easily provide the incentive to investigate further.

5. A New Look

Making use of a classic style of makeover can often be exactly what is required. Available on every budget, why not hit the high street for a little pampering session at a beauty salon. Alternatively, you could try indulging in a spot of retail therapy. A new outfit or a trendy new hair style can often pave the way to an instant boost to morale and self confidence.

This guest post was written by Serenay Taylor,  freelance writer, journalist and health and wellness blogger.

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Embracing Natural Beauty & Greening Your Beauty Routine

Girl with brush for makeup

Beauty products are increasingly marketed to have all-natural, totally “green” ingredients that leave your face fresh and your conscience clean. With so many cruelty-free and earth-friendly products out there, why not overhaul your makeup bag for a renewed look that’s gentler on your skin and the planet?

Tool Kit Overhaul

Start your green makeover by updating the toolkit. Swap out your old plastic-based beauty tools for products made with sustainably harvested, naturally renewable materials, such as bamboo. Green-up your beauty kit with these solutions:

  • EcoTools: EcoTools are affordable, effective, and made from cruelty-free synthetic bristles and recycled aluminum. A set of six brushes sells for only $13, which makes this 2012 Green Product winner a solid steal for the green girl on a budget, spotlights Instyle Magazine.
  • Urban Decay: Urban Decay’s “Good Karma” blurring brush was recognized by the natural beauty blog, Gorgeously Green, as being highly effective at blending makeup without brush marks. Urban Decay has also led the eco-friendly cosmetic industry for years with its cruelty-free products, which identifies this company as a trusted source for superior green goods.

Mineral Makeup

As you perfect your skin every day with foundation, keep in mind that standard foundations contain harmful chemicals that damage the skin over time. Mineral makeup blends create that lustrous look, made with ingredients that are all-natural, antibacterial, and perfect for sensitive skin types.

Refinery29 recommends these top picks for the best up-and-coming mineral makeup brands:

  • Inika Mineral Foundation: Silky, soothing, and perfect for sensitive skin, Inika Mineral Foundation is an all-natural product made in Australia. Products are sold at several small online boutiques specializing in skin care, including www.adorebeauty.com.au and www.blush.com.
  • Lily Lolo: Made in England, Lily Lolo, is a pretty mineral blend power that has SPF 15 sun protection. It’s also backed by the brand’s commitment to anti-cruelty organizations.
  • Everyday Minerals: Everyday Minerals’ affordable, all-American mineral cosmetics prove that natural mineral blends can still be glamorous. The Texas-based company features all-natural, handcrafted vegan products, including shimmery eye shadows and flirty blushers.

Green Beauty Shopping Tips

Reflect on your green goals, and evaluate what beauty product ingredients are most valuable to you. Do you want to avoid animal ingredients and animal testing? Are chemical and additive-free ingredients out of the question? Do you need everyday essentials or crave glamorous on-trend products that take your style from day to night? With some research, you’ll be more prepared to navigate the widening world of green beauty.

Also, many green companies are startups and independent online boutique retailers. While shopping on these smaller ecommerce sites, make sure the company is a reputable company that values consumer privacy. According to Life Lock, retail was the sixth most targeted industry for online shopping identity theft. To avoid an online shopping disaster during your green makeover, create a pleasant experience by first looking for a website’s security seal and https in its URL. Search the web for reviews of green companies and take standard precautions while shopping online, such as storing strong passwords for each of your online accounts.

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