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Last Week, Hedi Slimane launched the house of Saint Laurent Paris back into fabulosity at Paris Fashion Week with his couture coven of witches.  While most people got caught up in the collection’s drama with Cathy Horyn, I became absolutely bewitched by the collection and spent hours trying to wrap my head around the fashion house’s mysterious name change.  Inspired by YSL SS13 and witch inspired fashion in general, I headed downtown to Enchantments, my favorite spiritual supply store, on 9th St. between 1st Ave. and Ave A.

I discovered Enchantments three years ago when I first moved the city.  In the mist of searching for a job, I picked up a candle said to bring career success.  I lit it for seven days as directed and by the next week, I had three interviews one of which was at Vogue.  I didn’t end up getting any of those positions, but I was happy to have brought forth a much-needed change in the universe.  When I spoke to the owner, Stacy, about taking pictures at the store for my fashion blog, she mentioned having made custom candles for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry making me feel even more spiritually connected to my favorite fashion designers and editors.  To rediscover your fashionable spiritual side, find Enchantments on Facebook and check out my photo shoot that just may make cauldrons and candles this season’s hottest accessories.

Striking a spellbinding pose

Enchantments isn’t just an awesome place to visit around Halloween, their products are great to everything from purifying a new apartment to enhancing your career to finding true love.

Dark & Glam

Shopping for cauldrons in my Saint Laurent SS13-inspired outfit

More cauldrons!

Obviously, this place is going to have amazing Halloween windows.  I’ll have to stop by again soon because they add to them on a daily basis.

Frances Bean Cobain Rocks the Fashion World in a Stunning Black and White Shoot

I was once told by a creative writing professor in my junior year of college that if my stories were movies, they would all be in black and white never in color. In a way, I guess that is how I see the world. When I came across this black and white photo series of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and the notorious Courtney Love, taken by famed Dior photographer, Hedi Slimane, I was immediately drawn to them. If she doesn’t already have one already (which I suspect she probably does,) someone get this girl an agent. Apart from inheriting her father’s hauntingly beautiful blue eyes, Frances has grown into a beautiful young model with a style all her own. I am seeing a national ad campaign in her future.

Everyone wants to see more of this intense beauty who seems to be one of the most mature 19-year-olds I have never met. Though the repressed red carpet socialite in me has spent her most recent years following and glorifying the limelight, it is often those who avoid fame at all costs that receive the most notoriety. According to The New York Times, both Cobain and Slimane declined to be interviewed claiming that the photos were taken privately at Frances’ request and there are no plans as of now to publish the series in print. I guess being elusive only makes you more exclusive. Perhaps, I should take a few hints from Miss Cobain. After all, I do look cute in black and white and could use a cult following.

An All-American girl!

For the rest of this amazing shoot captivating the web, visit Hedi Slimane‘s website.