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The Ultimate Holiday Handbags

Handbags make me happy and so do holidays. Even more than most socialites, I have a thing for handbags. I think of them as works of art that you carry with you always. Therefore, you need a separate designer purse for every occasion and/or day of the week. Since much of Alexander McQueen’s insanely crazy designs came from a dark place, I suggest going with a McQueen for Halloween. The designer and the holiday go together so well that they rhyme.

Now that you have a Halloween handbag that may even be shaped like or include a skull, it’s time to find a nice festive bag to bring along to all the holiday parties you are bound to be invited to. I love this preppy red plaid Dooney & Bourke Tartan Barrel Satchel ($178) available at both Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. Its colors are so festive that it serves as a holiday ornament all on its own. Having been an ugly duckling in my life, I love the Dooney & Bourke signature swan.

This Alexander McQueen Dagger Skull Pony Clutch is a little pricier at $1595, but is so stylish it’s scary! Frighteningly fabulous!

This Halloween Save the Black Cats

I’m really more of a dog person, but in case you haven’t heard I will be going as a Glam Cat this Halloween which is basically a black cat with lots of jewelry and sequins.  I guess the black cat costume is the little black dress of Halloween.  While costumes such as Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, or the Mad Men characters may lose their allure in the years to come the black cat will be with us always.  To set the record straight, however, my costume choice was not a result of a lack of creativity.

As a vegetarian and animal rights advocate, I was very sad to hear that blacks cats are only half as likely to be adopted due to stigma and superstitions. Therefore, I am going as a black cat in support of the Black Cat Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter out of Boston that saves the lives of homeless black cats by finding them foster and adoptive homes.  Like my furry friends, socialites are often under scrutiny.  So this is really the perfect Halloween costume for me.  Stay tuned for pictures of me as a Glam Cat partying are various NYC sites including the parade in Soho. Happy Halloweekend Socialites!

MONET GIVEAWAY: So Glam It’s Scary!

Halloween may be a fun excuse to dress up as something else and watch horror films, however, in actually aspiring to greatness is all about faking it until you make it.  If there is anything I have learned in my first year residing in NYC, it is that this is a city of perception not of reality. So, here everyday is Halloween.  In honor of this glamorous All Hallows Eve, I will be giving away this elegant string of pearls with removable ribbon compliments of MONET to a fellow aspiring socialite.  If you haven’t noticed already, this necklace is the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume, particularity a flapper.  To win, send a tweet to @Aspiresocialite or leave a comment on this post (include your email address) telling me what you are going to be for Halloween.

Ever since it’s founding in 1929, MONET has been the leader in costume jewelry.  Their impeccable craftsmanship never ceases to have a vintage feel.  MONET has a collection for every month each named after a song.  This string of pearls is from the Piano Man collection.  Be sure to check out MONET’s Online Shop up just in time for the holidays.  So go ahead and socialite up any Halloween costume or holiday party dress with MONET.  For more information on the fabulousness of costume jewelry and collectables pick up a copy of Costume Jewelry by Judith Miller.