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Halloween Glam

In case you haven’t noticed, I love everything about Halloween. I love the scary movies, the chill in the fall air, and of course dressing up. It’s a true celebration of fall and the occult. Though Halloween gets the reputation of being scary and it often is, it’s so much more than that. When I saw these mannequins in the storefront of an Upper East Side florist, I realized just how glamorous Halloween can truly be.

So why should Christmas have all the fun?  Here are my picks for some of the most glamorous Halloween accessories:

1.  Jewelry Mask on Sequined Stick: I’ve always wanted to have a masquerade-themed Halloween party like in The Phantom of the Opera filled with sequins dresses and secret identities.

2.  Alexander McQueen Two-Faced Skull Platform Pumps:  They may cost you a month’s rent, but there’s nothing scarier than a shortage of McQueen in your wardrobe.  These skullcandy chic shoes aren’t just Halloween, they’re for everyday.

3.  Scary Script Halloween Party Invitations: Parties are all about the details and that starts with the invitation.

4.  Halloween Steel Wire Cake Stand: This spiderweb cake stand could be the centerpiece of any October gathering.

5.  Purple Flicker Candle with Spooky Halloween Scene: Candles always set a spooky mood making them an All Hallow’s Eve decor essential.


Last Week, Hedi Slimane launched the house of Saint Laurent Paris back into fabulosity at Paris Fashion Week with his couture coven of witches.  While most people got caught up in the collection’s drama with Cathy Horyn, I became absolutely bewitched by the collection and spent hours trying to wrap my head around the fashion house’s mysterious name change.  Inspired by YSL SS13 and witch inspired fashion in general, I headed downtown to Enchantments, my favorite spiritual supply store, on 9th St. between 1st Ave. and Ave A.

I discovered Enchantments three years ago when I first moved the city.  In the mist of searching for a job, I picked up a candle said to bring career success.  I lit it for seven days as directed and by the next week, I had three interviews one of which was at Vogue.  I didn’t end up getting any of those positions, but I was happy to have brought forth a much-needed change in the universe.  When I spoke to the owner, Stacy, about taking pictures at the store for my fashion blog, she mentioned having made custom candles for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry making me feel even more spiritually connected to my favorite fashion designers and editors.  To rediscover your fashionable spiritual side, find Enchantments on Facebook and check out my photo shoot that just may make cauldrons and candles this season’s hottest accessories.

Striking a spellbinding pose

Enchantments isn’t just an awesome place to visit around Halloween, their products are great to everything from purifying a new apartment to enhancing your career to finding true love.

Dark & Glam

Shopping for cauldrons in my Saint Laurent SS13-inspired outfit

More cauldrons!

Obviously, this place is going to have amazing Halloween windows.  I’ll have to stop by again soon because they add to them on a daily basis.

Deadly Cocktails at Times Scare!

New York can be a scary place. In the few years I’ve lived here, I’ve had enough experiences with general and criminal insanity to give me quite a socialite scare. But, for some reason I keep coming back for more. I should really start writing a book just of New York stories. Over the weekend, I made a spontaneous Saturday afternoon visit with Cocktail Chic to Times Scare, a haunted attraction off of Times Square where it’s Halloween 365 days a year.  The bars inside look like the sets of two distinct horror movies.  For the right clothing line, this could be the perfect venue for a fashion shoot.

Living directly off Times Square in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve walked by this place hundreds of times, but always shrugged it off as a tourist attraction not worthy of my now native New Yorker attention.  However, being a huge fan of horror movies and spontaneity, Ashley and I decided to go in and have a drink on a whim.  At first glance of the delightfully creepy decor, we realized that Times Scare was the place to be for a bloody-looking cocktail on a Saturday afternoon.  We’ll be back for another killer cocktail long before the zombie apocalypse.

The Kill Room – Party at your own risk!

Killer candelabras in The Kill Room

Inside The Parlour of the Paranormal


Creepy mirror with a reflection of the Parlour of the Paranormal bar

Highlights of Halloween 2011

Halloween Highlight #1: Here I am looking dark and scary at last week’s Definition 6 Halloween bash.  The theme was vampires so I dressed as me only vampire in red, black, and bright red lipstick.  I’m already pale so my natural skintone totally went with my outfit.  Since I had no idea this picture was being taken, it’s a great candid shot of the vampire me.  As I always say, socialites make the best vampires because we like to sleep all day (or at least till noon) and go out all night.

Halloween Highlight #2: Trick or treat?  If Ryan Seacrest says it’s true, then it’s true.  After rumors of a turbulent two month marriage, Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Kris Humphries today.  Is it bad luck to file for divorce on Halloween?  Each rumor and conspiracy theory is crazier than the last when it comes to this short-lived romance and/or business arrangement.  I guess all that fighting during Kim’s Fairytale Wedding on E! between Kim and Kris wasn’t just for the cameras. It’s no wonder the Kardashian sisters refer to Kim as Elizabeth Taylor for her many marriages and love for diamonds.  Maybe that’s who she should go as for Halloween?

Once upon a time (or was it last week,) there was a celebrity couple named Kim and Kris. Was a timely divorce always the plan from the begining? I guess we’ll never know.

Halloween Highlight #3: Thanks to this Audi A6 commercial featuring its thermal imaging night vision, I’ve had that “Teddy Bear Picnic” song stuck in my head for days. But, I don’t mind because I’ve always wanted an Audi.