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Birds & Fellas Blow-Out

My life can be stressful so when got invited to Birds & Fellas, a fun downtown salon, for a pre-Valentine’s Day blow-out and bubbly, I jumped at the chance.  Everyone there was super nice even after I showed up late to my appointment.  I can’t believe that after three years in New York, I still get lost in The Village.  What I liked the most is that they really live by their mantra of making a haircut a unique experience.  As a tech diva, I truly appreciated Birds & Fellas’ courtesy smartphone charging stations.  They even have a “man cave” area for the boys.  The complimentary seasonal beverage menu was an excellent touch as well.   In honor of Valentine’s Day, they served Pink Prosecco which is one of my all time favorites.  Enjoy my before and after pictures because I’m about the make Birds & Fellas a regular socialite spot.

LOVE the inspiring messages on the mirrors at Birds & Fellas Salon.

Artsy after picture

Disclaimer: I received a wash and blow-out free of charge.  Thanks!