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DIY Metallic Pumpkins for Halloween

I haven’t done many DIY projects before. However, after being inspired by a bunch of amazing DIY blogs and my favorite holiday – Halloween, I decided to try my hand at making glam metallic pumpkins.

Pumpkins Halloween DIY

They were relatively simple to make and look great in a garden or lit up by candles on my kitchen countertop. After I picked out a few pumpkins I liked, I took a paintbrush and acrylic paint. Then I coated the pumpkins in silver and gold paint. It took a lot of coats before they look solid, but once they did I left them to dry and presto!

DIY Pumpkin Halloween ideas

Halloween DIY

How to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

How to decorate Halloween Pumpkins DIY

Halloween Pumpkins DIY

DIY Halloween

Jack-o'-lantern Halloween

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A List of Lovely Things


Two of my all time favorite books (I guess I have a dark side)

NYC Sunset

A beautiful sunset over my neighborhood in NYC. It’s truly heaven in Hell’s Kitchen!

chandelier painting

A chandelier painting given to me by my mother – I love it because it totally matches my logo


The custom DIY turban I designed at a Fashion Fights Cancer event with IFB

Pi Beta Phi

My Pi Beta Phi sorority pin from college – Pi Phi for life!

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Stone Jewelry: What to Look For in Next Year’s Big Trend


Fashion is all about coming up with something new. High fashion wants to be bolder, brasher, more elegant, more surreal. We can’t always make the styles we see on the catwalk wearable, but one of the most promising areas we can take inspiration from is the jewelry. Stones are playing a large part in accessory trends this year, and it’s only a matter of time before we start including them in our everyday outfits.


Emerald is one of the most vibrant choices. Look for large cut stones hugged by a gold holding base, simple silver chains, or bracelets with flecks of color and serpentine rings with green eyes. Try matching to the passion for white on the catwalk or returning to vintage style a la Downton Abbey. For those that wear darker more sumptuous styles, emerald is an excellent choice when combined with the LBD and dark evening wear.


A controversial, but growing jewelry choice is to include pieces of amber on silver jewelry. Although technically not a stone, this resin deserves a place due to its slow burn popularity and powerful warm coloring. The icy backdrop makes the rich oranges and reds pop. Jewelers are creating far more stylized silver jewelry accented with stones to bring complex designs to life. Look for beautifully polished surfaces of amber resin or the modernist twisting and wrapping of silver across the stone’s surface.

Colored Crystal

Colored crystal is an incredibly versatile accessory with a variety of textures and shapes for different looks. For a strong rocker look, jagged chunks of crystal set on a think base of gold are becoming popular. Mixing luxury with the hard edge of the rocker lifestyle is often seen on the runway. Sleeker pieces of blue and purple crystal are perfect for evening wear and look stunning against a purple or white outfit.


Sapphires are currently huge in Indian fashion. Sapphire stones are great for any skin tone and they complement both silver and gold perfectly while adding a rich splash of color to any outfit. Look for chunky stone rings, traditional chandelier earrings, or simple pendants with one large stone. Due to its strong color, sapphires are good candidates for street style accessorizing.


Agate is incredibly varied in color and pattern, this soft-toned stone makes a great accessory for those interested in tribal styles as well as an option for people who prefer pastel colored pieces. Pair agate with a tribal outfit of warm oranges and browns. High fashion prefers to use the raw product. I’ve seen a number of chain necklaces linking shards of agate in different jewel tones worn with a muted bohemian outfit.


Though everyday people are still struggling to escape the claws of the recession, there’s no reason not to follow the latest fashions. If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece, make it! A number of jewelry making sites have burst onto the scene over the last couple of years and now is the best time to experiment with creating stone bead bracelets and shard necklaces. You can follow the rough-cut agate trend very easily by making your own pieces of jewelry.

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