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Enter the Boyfriend Jeans Challenge for a Chance to win a $5500 Shopping Adventure in London!

boyfriend jeans

Photo Credit: streetsandstripes.com

I’ve always wanted to capture the style of London by shopping like Pippa and Kate. So when I came across the Boyfriend Jeans Challenge, I knew that this was my chance to do so. Skype is currently calling fashionistas across the world to style an outfit around a pair of boyfriend jeans. Once you’ve styled a fabulous casual chic look around your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, simply sign into your Skype account and add Skype.Collaboration as a contact. Then submit a photo or video message of your look.

The grand prize winner will be flown to London to go on a shopping spree worth $5500 with Skype Photography Brand Ambassador and fashion blogger Chaucee Stillman and Holly Coopey, fashion stylist at Cosmopolitan UK as your personal stylists. Before the grand prize winner is chosen, eight finalists will be selected to join a group video call with Chaucee and a group of elite stylists where they will be asked to style one final look. The looks will then be posted to the Skype Collaboration Project website and put to a vote. The look that gets the most votes will win a Middleton worthy shopping trip in London! Time to start styling!

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Beautiful Biker Babe: What’s in Her Closet?

If you’re anything like me and enjoy kicking off the flats and switching things up a bit, perhaps it’s time you try out the beautiful, biker babe look. I’m not saying you have to get inked up or join a bike club or anything like that, but maybe the sound of landing a bad boy doesn’t sound too bad after all.

Whether you’re interested in upcycling some vintage wear or looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some edgy attire, I think one thing is for certain: this is going to be a whole lot of fun, and you just may score a ride around the block on his chopper! Hey, the sun dress will still be there when we get back.

Whole ‘Lotta Leather

First and foremost, you’ll need a leather jacket. Prices vary greatly, and it’s important you find one that is high quality and fashionable, though you don’t have to wreck your purse. If there’s one item you don’t want to mess up, it’s going to be the jacket. What’s a biker babe without a beautiful jacket?

Web retailers have the most vast selection of biker jackets like the 600 plus motorcycle jackets from BikeBandit.com and all your favorite brands as well. Black is pretty standard for most biker men, but we have the freedom to select stylish faux leather jackets in different colors to stand out or better match the rest of our outfit. Just don’t go too crazy, or you might end up looking like Prince in Purple Rain.

Darn Good Denim

Whether it’s a button up or hip-hugging jeans with a little wear and tear, denim can really make or break the look. If you’re into thrifting or crafting you can even make your own denim vest. Round up some patches that speak to your personality and get artsy. The best part about quality denim is that it never goes out of style.

You can keep the vest clean and chic or give it a little bite with some studs and choice frays. Just make sure you don’t wear all denim; there’s a fine line between square dancing and jockey shifting.

These Boots Were Made For Riding

Boots are critical for anyone who sets foot on a motorcycle. We need to find some boots that keep us safe on the road but also make our mark when we walk into the room. Nothing is less attractive than a woman in work boots clomping around a party, restaurant or bar. So let’s find a happy medium, as has been the goal with the rest of our biker wardrobe. There is a wide variety of fun, leather shoes that can double as motorcycle boots out there. I’m quite fond of some from Harley-Davidson or Beistaff, which ride up your calf a bit but protect your leg and look pretty great with the jeans tucked in. Fiorentini + Baker and Dorothy Perkins offer some heavier but shorter options which rise just above the ankle. They’re perfect for mixing and matching with many other outfits.

Work with what you’ve got. This doesn’t have to be an excuse to start from ground zero, though you deserve a shopping spree if you want one. A beautiful biker babe is more about character than anything else. Clean out the closet. Revamp the pants you thought you couldn’t resurrect, retrieve that bandana and break out the dark polish. Even though you’re really an inner socialite, you’ll have everyone convinced you parked your hog out back.

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Fashion Must-Haves for a Picnic or Pool Party


Not only is it bikini season, it’s pool party season. In other words, summer is for partying and barbecuing. As every gal knows, summertime occasions deserve an incredible outfit. For your upcoming poolside picnic, you’re going to need the following to make an outstanding fashion statement.

Red Sunnies

Summer is the season for sunglasses. Whether you’re flaunting a boho floral sundress or striped bikini, a rockin’ pair of sunnies is essential — and red is a trend that will really make an impression. Fire engine red gives that pop of color for a bold, yet retro look, especially during the sultry temps of summer. As soon as you throw on those ruby red sunglasses, you’re a carefree gal ready for a cool Corona while lounging poolside and indulging in a veggie burger. For a classic vintage look, go for a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer in red or be playful with a pair of cherry, over-sized, flirty sunglasses from Oakley.

Straw Hat

Throw on a trendy panama, wide-brimmed fedora or classic sun hat to not only look like a fashionista, but to shade your face from the sun. Sun protection is always en vogue. Stay even cooler by twisting your hair into a side fishtail braid or pulling it into a low ponytail. Accessorizing your laid-back picnic outfit with a straw hat gives that little extra urban flare.

Denim & Shorts

Since it’s summer and a poolside picnic, the shorter the shorts, the better. Classic khaki shorts, rolled jeans or distressed denim cutoffs are all within the dress code for an afternoon summer barbecue. For this season, denim with denim is far from being a fashion crime. Pair your shorts with an oversized denim chambray, sleeveless denim collared shirt or colored tank with an opened denim vest. For an all-American denim look, People magazine’s fashion experts recommend Forever 21, Silver Jeans, Madewell, and American Eagle.

Plaid Button Up

Nothing says perfect picnic style more than a checkered button up, especially in red or blue. A plaid blouse worn with short denim cutoffs or a preppy skirt creates that fashion dichotomy of sexy edginess and clean-cut prep. Of course, no pattern is more picnic-appropriate than a red-and-white block print that stylishly mimics a vintage picnic tablecloth.

Striped Tank

Still looking for more fashion alternatives than a denim or plaid shirt for your upcoming poolside soiree? Loose-fitting striped tanks are comfortable and breezy, yet trendy enough to still make a style statement. StyleMint.com, a T-shirt collection designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, designs an array of striped tanks, such as the over-sized Graham racerback tank in grey or taupe or the teal and ivory striped peplum Carey Top tank with a gold zipper back and ruffled flare.


Along with your pleasant smile and picnic baked good, a beach tote must also be in tow. You can’t tell where this barbecue soiree will go, so you must be prepared with sunscreen, your bathing suit, a beach towel, a case for your VisionDirect contact lenses, bronzer, hairspray, and a sweater to put on for after your late-night swim.

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Gap Skimmer Jeans Exclusive In-Store Offer


Loved my post featuring 5 fabulous looks with Gap Skimmer Jeans? Then you’re going to love this in-store offer exclusively at Gap. From 2/21-2/27, you can get $20 off any regular-priced pair of Gap Skimmer Jeans just by trying on a pair in-store! Once you try them on, I guarantee you’ll buy at least one pair.  The stretch and versatility are enough to make the Gap Skimmer a new spring classic.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 12.50.26 AM

Need some money toward your spring wardrobe? Enter now to win a $50 American Express gift card by following these three simple steps:

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3. Leave a comment on this post telling me why you’re excited for Spring…

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Denim Evolved: 5 Different Looks with Gap Skimmer Jeans


Nothing is better than the perfect pair of skinny jeans and I think I just found them!  With a stretch to hug your curves perfectly, along with fun patterns such as floral and polka dots, Gap‘s Skimmer skinny jeans and denim-style leggings are the ‘it’ pants for Spring.  I’m obsessed with my new Gap 1969 Dot Legging Skimmer Jeans.  Slightly cropped, they can be worn perfectly with flats, sandals, or your favorite pair of boots for those cool days in early Spring.  Gap Skimmers also come in trendy solid neons and classic denim styles.

Starting at $69.95, these jeans give you the look and feel of designer denim on an Aspiring Socialite budget and are some of the most versatile pants I’ve ever worn.


Business Casual




Warm & cozy





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