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Getting the Celebrity Beauty Treatment at Caravan Stylist Studio

Vicky Sullivan

Last week, I visited Caravan Stylist Studio for a full hair and nail treatment. Caravan is a by appointment only hair, nail, makeup, and wardrobe styling studio located at the Carlton Hotel catering only to editors, bloggers, celebrities, and other influential people in creative fields. Therefore, I was super excited to have been invited.

When they asked what I wanted to do with my hair, I immediately said curls. Though I’ve perfected the art of makeup, I’m still a novice when it comes to hair and having such thick hair makes it even harder to curl myself. So I’m rarely seen with curls. To get these gorgeous curls, they used a curling wand and set the curls with Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay for shine and hold. The curls stayed perfectly intact well over 24 hours, even after a night’s sleep. Unlike most hair sprays that make hair sticky and brittle, Spray Clay is perfect for everyday use to add texture and hold.

I’ve always loved nail art and Caravan does some amazing work. Since I was wearing a blue color-blocked dress to my cousin’s wedding that weekend (stay tuned for a post on that), I chose a blue nail art design called watercolor with strong black lines. The design went perfectly with the dress and I can’t tell you how many strangers have come up to me to tell me how much they love my nails. Though the design looks complicated, it’s actually something you could do yourself at home provided you have the time. All you have to do is paint your nails white, dab dots of a color across your nails, blend the dots with nail polish remover, and repeat with different colors until you’ve gotten the look desired. The Zoya Nail Polish used blended perfectly and lasted far longer than the average polish.

Thanks Caravan for this amazing look! I hope to come by again sometime.

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Ojon Treatment Triage Hairstyling Backstage at Milk Studios


Sunday afternoon, I escaped the chaos of New York Fashion Week and got my hair styled by a top celebrity stylist with Ojon products backstage at MADE Fashion Week at Milk Studios. I have very thick straight hair that I can never get to hold a curl so when I got to my styling appointment, I had my heart set on some serious curls and the stylist totally came through.  When I hit the Fashion Week lounges later in the day, I got so many compliments on my hair and my friends who have never seen me with curly hair were going crazy liking my photos on Facebook.

I must say I’m a huge fan of Ojon.  Their natural repair-based treatments are like an oasis for your hair in that they smell and feel amazing all while adding much-needed moisture to hair damaged by the stress of Fashion Week.  Any hairspray that can get my hair to hold a curl that well is absolutely unbelievable.  For intense hair repair, keep an eye out for Ojon’s Rare Blend Deep Conditioner set to launch in March.


Celebrity hairstylist, Gwynne Mims who worked magic on my hair, and I striking a pose


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