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Nightlife Basics

Every socialite want to be seen on the club scene. In order to avoid standing in line or paying for anything, I recommend always going with a promoter. New York’s hot clubs such as 1OAK, Griffin, and SL all offer the Aspiring Socialite an elegant decor that serves as a backdrop for pictures along with a great place to potentially rub elbows with the rich and famous. Though everyone seems to think that you need to be wearing the latest Dior and Chanel to go clubbing in New York, that’s simply not true.  Just combine basics with a few eye-catching accessories and a smokey eye and you’re ready to go.

Based on my experience, here are the top 3 things you need to be a mogul on the club scene:

1. The 3 basic dress designs you need to have on hand for your frequent trips to the club are: a little black dress (obviously,) a little red dress, and a sequin dress.

2. Mix and match them with sequin heels, red heels, and black heels.

3. No socialite wants to be lugging around or overshadowed by a huge bag while out on the town. Therefore, a good collection of tiny purses and clutches are essential. I prefer clutches with a handle. The ones without handles or straps are cute, but I’m always afraid I’m going to lose them so you’ll rarely see me with one.

Nightclub etiquette tips:

  • Have fun, but always be on high alert.  For every fabulous person at the club, there is an equally unfabulous unsavory character.  Always keep an eye on your belongings and stay far away from creepy guys.  An Aspiring Socialite always needs to watch out for both scary people and celebrities.
  • Do not wear jeans.  When I’m at a club and they start letting in people wearing jeans, I leave.
  • Bouncers may be a pain and often give you attitude from no reason, but it doesn’t work to your advantage to give them attitude back.  After all, they’re probably just sad that they have to work outside in the cold while everyone else has fun.  Be nice and introduce yourself in spite of the attitude.  Once you’re on a first named basis, you’ll never have a problem skipping the line.