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Crazy About Pippa on TLC

Ever since that epic April morning when the world watched Will and Kate profess their love in the wedding of the century, everyone seems to have forgotten all about them.  Kate’s little sister Pippa Middleton became a role model for frumpy bridesmaids everywhere when she stole the show from her big sister in a snug Alexander McQueen.  Will and Kate may have earned the titles of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but the media dubbed Pippa “Her Royal Hotness,” a title that I find to have bit more caliber.  Other titles that this royal in-law has received include Tatler Magazine’s number one society singleton.

This quite stylish fairy tale continues Aug. 9th on TLC with Crazy About Pippa, an hourlong special all about Britain’s most eligible bachelorette.  Aside from being incredibly stylish, dating hot British society boys, and sometimes going as P-Middy, who is Pippa Middleton really?  Well, seeing that my invite to the next British high society horserace must have gotten lost somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I guess I will have to tune in Aug. 9th promptly at 9 p.m. to find out.