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Classically Classy: Makeup Tips that Never Fail

Nowadays, classic makeup looks are enjoying a big revival as makeup artists keep emulating them on the runway. Some ever popular looks include cat eyes, a white eye pencil on the waterline, a pink-reddish lipstick and fake eyelashes. From the 40s to the 60s, here’s a list of the most classic and classy make-up looks and how to recreate them.

makeup tips

1. Wear Fake Eyelashes Like Twiggy

Bottom fake eyelashes were definitely Twiggy’s thing. How to achieve this look? Apply an eye primer on your eyes. Choose a vanilla shade of eyeshadow and use it all over the eye up to the brow. In order to create the shape of the eye similar to Twiggy’s, apply a dark grey eye shadow on the socket line and then take an angle brush to apply the black eyeshadow on the socket line. Next, blend the shades together. Apply a little bit of black eyeshadow on the outer edges of the upper lash line and blend it with a brush. Several coats of mascara together with bottom and upper fake lashes will do the trick. Finally, use a white eye pencil on the waterline.

2. Want to Have Makeup Like a Pin-up Girl?

The classic 40s look has come back. This look has two parts: bright eyes and bold lips. Start with the white cream eye shadow which should be applied under the brow and blended with a brush. Use the same eyeshadow on the inner corner of the lid. Draw a thin line with a flick on the upper lash line with a black liquid eyeliner. False eyelashes are indispensable for this look. Finally, accentuate the lips with a red lip pencil and a ladybug lipstick.

3. Classic Elizabeth Taylor Makeup

Elizabeth Taylor’s trademark are gorgeous, full eyebrows. So start with an eyebrow kit and fill in your eyebrows. After you apply an eye primer, apply a rosewood shade of eyeshadow on the socket line and blend it through. Take a vanilla shade eyeshadow and blend it under the brow. Draw a line on the upper lash line and an angled line on the outside corner of the eye with a liquid eyeliner. Draw the line from the end of the angled line back to the lash line, connect and fill in the triangle. For the bottom lash line, use a black eye pencil. Apply a white eye pencil inside the lash line. What about the lips? A red lip pencil and an orange-red lipstick are perfect for this look. Add the final touch to the look with two coats of mascara and fake eyelashes.

4. Classy Like Audrey Hepburn

You cannot get a more classic look than the “Audreyesque” makeup. The most important part of the makeup are the eyes. Use an eye primer and then apply a black liquid eyeliner from the inside corner of the upper lash line towards the outer one drawing a flick. A grayish-brown eye shadow is perfect for this look. I recommend Jane Iredale makeup because of their soft and classy shades (Australian readers, I recommend getting Jane Iredale makeup from Skin Matrix). Take most of the color off the brush and apply it from the outer corner of the bottom lash line towards the middle of the bottom lash line. A white eye pencil on the waterline is, of course, a must. Apply two coats of mascara on both upper and bottom eyelashes. Try to find a pinkish-brown shade of lipstick to finish the look.

Hope you enjoyed these classic, classy makeup tips! Which will you try first?

This is a guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith. Amy is an Aussie literature student who loves to read and has been writing novels and short stories for as long as she can remember. She is currently studying and working at a bookstore. Her passion is beauty and organic makeup and she loves to spend her free time hiking and of course – makeup shopping! Amy is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

Guest Post: A Stylist’s Guide to Choosing the Right Little Black Dress

The little black dress first appeared in American Vogue in 1926. However, it was Audrey Hepburn who made it iconic when she wore an LBD in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I guess we can thank Holly Golightly for turning the simple and sophisticated little black dress into a timeless classic.

Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress

In the never ending battle between quantity and quality, fast fashion syndrome predominates our fashion experience. We are constantly bombarded by new trends of low priced clothes made of low quality materials. Because of the poor quality, consumers are bound to regularly buy new clothes. However, if you want to have a timeless LBD in your wardrobe, you need it to be timeless in the literal sense too. Opt for a high quality dress that you can wear for years to come.

If you’re about to spend money on the perfect LBD, here’s how to choose the right dress.

Body Type

The first thing you should take into consideration is your body shape. If you have a pear or apple shaped body, empire waist and A-line LBDs are ideal for you. Any kind of a belted dress or a dress that accentuates your waist is the right LBD for a rectangular figure. I think strapless LBDs are what women with an inverted triangle body shape need. Finally, you’re a lucky girl if you have an hourglass body shape as any kind of dress that accentuates your curves will suit you perfectly.


The best fabrics for dresses are cotton voile, cotton lawn, rayon challis, double gauze, knit, silk, satin or wool. You have plenty of choices, but the trick is to find a fabric that suits both the season and the occasion. If you plan to wear a LBD during summer or spring, chiffon, satin or cotton are a good choices. On the other hand, choose wool, polyester or velvet during the colder months. For a formal occasion choose silk or satin which can be matched with various embellishments. For a semi-formal occasion, I think the best fabric is rayon challis or cotton. Choose cotton, wool, double gauze or knit for casual looks.


Make sure that the shape of the dress suits the occasion. You could go for an elegant and sophisticated LBD for formal occasions and a more casual version for other events. However, I think that the best possible option is choosing a little black dress that can transition from formal to informal and back again. Simply change your make-up, accessories and shoes to best suit the occasion.

This guest post is by Peter Minkoff. Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Creative Design and has worked as a wardrobe assistant for many local fashion events. He plans to start a freelance styling business. Follow Peter on Twitter for more fab styling tips.