Random Pics From the Weekend

If there’s anything I’ve learned from social media, it’s the importance of always being your own best advocate and personal documenterian.  No one else can chronicle your life as well as you can so it’s your responsibility to tell your story on your terms.  I often look back on my pictures from college on Facebook and can truly appreciate how happy those four years were for me which is why it’s such an honor to share the ups and downs of my post-college life in New York with you. You will see from my expert record keeping, I had a fun and interesting weekend that thanks to Presidents Day isn’t yet over.

As you might already know from many of my previous posts, I’m a strong believer in the power of the Spontaneous Photo Shoot which is what this weekend was all about.  After picking out a few new clothes after work at Forever 21, my primary photo pal and fellow Aspiring Socialite, Amy, and I embarked on a mini photo shoot in my apt resulting in the lovely photo to the left along with the first one below.  It’s amazing how profound simple moments can be.

Fun times with Amy and I

This is the most fun I’ve ever had doing laundry. Only in New York can you have a random photo shoot with new friends at the laundry mat.  This should really be the next Tide ad.