President’s Day Weekend In Washington D.C.

Aspiring Socialite Georgetown Washington DC

Over the weekend my fiance and I celebrated President’s Day and Valentine’s Day in Washington D.C. Don’t worry it’s nothing political. We just had a fab weekend going to restaurants, bars and museums. We also took a stroll around Georgetown (hence the beautiful townhouses below) and visited our favorite national memorials. However, the highlight of the trip was most certainly the weather. It was a sunny 60-70 degrees all weekend which is unprecedented for late February. Being back in D.C. really reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and whenever people would come to visit us, we would always go to D.C. to show them the White House and see the Smithsonian.

What We Did

One of my favorite parts of going to D.C. was going to the Smithsonian Institution. Not only are these national museums (and zoo) free, they’re also full of amazing art, history and more. The best part for me was seeing the pop culture exhibits and the first lady exhibit at the American History Museum. The beautiful photo of the ceiling below is from the American Art Museum. We walked through the National Mall, saw the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. We also walked past the White House and around Capitol Hill.

That evening we went to the Off the Record bar in the Hay–Adams Hotel. Off the Record is kind of the perfect name for a bar in D.C. and this bar has some hilarious and super relevant political cartoons everywhere along with political-themed cocktails. These cocktails include the Trumpie Sour (which is an orange mix between an old fashioned and a whiskey sour topped with thyme to look like his hair), Hilary’s Last Word and Obama’s Last Call. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to feel like Frank Underwood.

What We Still Need to See

Since you can’t see everything our nation’s capitol has to offer in one weekend, we still have tons of reasons to go back. We still have to go to the National Zoo. I went there once when I was 15 and saw a baby panda and a baby elephant. I’m dying to go back. We also really need to go to the International Spy Museum. We tried to go, but the line to buy tickets was too long so we decided we would put it on our bucket list for next time and buy tickets in advance. We also need to get a tour of the Capitol building. The visitor’s center is closed on Sundays (which is sadly when we went), but it’s open every other day of the week.

When I travel I’m all about seeing new places multiple times. Every trip is different. So even if you’re going to the same place twice, you can still have a new experience because chances are both you and it have changed. I feel so much more prepared to plan our next couple’s trip to D.C. now that I know exactly where to go and when. I think what surprised me most about this trip was how much of a foodie city D.C. is. All of the restaurants we went to were delicious.

Georgetown Townhouses Washington D.C

Smithsonian American Art Museum

United States Capitol Washington D.C

National Mall Washington D.C

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