What I Learned at a Women’s Golf Event with Lexus and the Metropolitan Golf Association

Earlier this month I got invited to a women’s golf event with Lexus and the Metropolitan Golf Association. I didn’t even have to leave Manhattan to go to it. It all took place on high definition golf simulators at the Golf and Body NYC.

Golf and Body NYC Lexus Women's Gold Event

Lexus partnered with the Metropolitan Golf Association (MGA) to host an Introduction for Women’s Golf event for young professional women. The goal of the event was to help level the playing field in business networking, as many important business decisions still occur on the golf course. I personally always loved the cultural aspects of golf. I love the clothes, the social scene, parties at the clubhouse and of course driving around in the golf cart. But, when it comes to actually playing golf, I’m clueless.

So when people at the event asked if I played golf, I said that I loved the cultural aspect, but the act of actually playing golf is a little foreign to me. I’m really more of a yoga person. But, I guess there a are ton of people who love the cultural aspects of yoga too and wear Lululemon yoga pants everywhere, but never actually go to a class. So I decided to take this opportunity to dive in and see what playing golf is all about. It’s a lot harder than it looks. It really takes a lot of patience and skill. Sometimes I even missed the ball completely. But, I kept at it and already saw some improvements in my swing. It turned out to be a great way of getting some aggression out. As for putting, that’s a delicate art that I have yet to perfect.

LPGA Tour Player, Tara Fleming, made a super inspiring speech at the event on how golf is similar to your corporate career. She said once you’ve gotten somewhere it’s because you’ve earned it. So always own your successes. She also said that the golf course is a great place for business because after you’ve played 18 holes with someone you know if you want to do business with them or not.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll take up golf. I wouldn’t mind driving a Lexus either.

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