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I’m Really Just A Nice Girl Who Likes Nice Things

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Today, at the Juicy Couture “Pool Party” on Fifth Ave. armed with my 30% off Friends and Family pass, I bought a pair of flats and three shirts that I could by no means afford and loved every minute of it. Though I am not suggesting you go into debt, sometimes, to have nice things you have to spend money you don’t have. They say you learn something new everyday. Well, today I discovered that spending money you don’t have keeps life Juicy. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts on branding, Juicy is all about excess and having it all. They said it themselves with the slogan, “For Nice Girls who Like Stuff.” If that doesn’t describe your run-of-the-mill aspiring socialite, I don’t know what does. As a brand that is both iconic and original, Juicy stays true to the legacy of Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I, all pictured in the store.

Today’s “Pool Party” event was momentous with an amazing DJ spinning the tunes of the decade, their usual excellent customer service, and of course lots of candy given out by the Juicy boys. I didn’t eat any candy, however, because as they say at Juicy with “Let Them Eat Couture” a twist on Marie Antoinette’s famous saying “Let them Eat Cake,” I’d rather eat couture.  Of course with all of money I spent at this store, I may not be eating anything for a while, but that could save me time at the gym.  As a result of Juicy’s complete embodiment of California style, I actually saved money today by saving myself a trip out to Los Angeles or Malibu beach. Though my credit card may feel like it just got off the red eye, I feel just fine and thoroughly looking forward to my next Juicy trip (both literally and figuratively.)  Viva La Juicy!

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  • I love how crazy this is

  • I love how crazy this is

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