How to Get the Perfect Smokey Eye

Like everyone else, I have my own personal insecurities. However, I absolutely love having blue eyes so it’s no wonder I’ve become such an expert on the smokey eye which is smoking hot with any eye color. Though the smokey eye is traditionally an evening look, I’m a strong believer in adding a little smokey eye makeup to a daytime look too.

Follow these 3 steps for the perfect socialite smokey eye:

1.  Start with a good base: Every great makeup look begins with a good base.  Wash your face and apply moisturizer prior to applying foundation, concealer, powder, and blush.  Having moisturizer under your foundation not only gives your skin some much-needed moisture and SPF (great for preventing wrinkles), it will also prevent your pores from absorbing your makeup.

2.  Apply dark shadows: The ultimate secret to any fabulous makeup look is to Blend, Blend, Blend!  I can not stress that enough.  I love to blend different colors and brands of makeup into a look that is all my own.  Start with a lighter grey or silver eyeshadow as a base and apply darker and darker shades on top blending each shade on top of the other.  For a more dramatic look, use a darker shade along the top of the lid.

3.  Black eyeliner: This is by far my favorite part of the process!  To get the perfect smokey eye, you must use liquid eyeliner.  Since blending is the big secret, I like to start with the liquid liner as a base and use a black eye pencil over it.  Always use both liquid and regular liners on the top and bottom of the eye.  If you mess up (which happens often) just take a q-tip with a tiny bit of makeup remover on it and (you guessed it) start blending.  Top it off with your favorite mascara and you’re ready to take over the world.

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    With eyeliner and mascara, similar rules apply—the smaller and lighter the frames, the bolder the eye makeup can be. To really make your eyes noticeable through your glasses, use your liner to make a winged or cat-eye look by extending the brush about a quarter of an inch past your outer edge and curving it upward just a bit. You’ll also want to use volumizing mascara to emphasize those lashes. And of course, don’t forget to use your eyelash curler.

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