Designer Dogs

As a vegetarian, anti-fur advocate, and overall friend to the animals there is one question that has been boggling my incredibly intuitive mind over the past few days: Should dogs get designer clothes? First, lets take a step back to what pets actually mean to socialites and celebrities. I have always said that it’s lonely at the top; therefore, a socialite should learn to enjoy her own company. However, it is always a good idea to have a cuddly companion that loves you unconditionally for who you are and not what you are. Kind of like Paris Hilton’s pocket pooch adorably named Tinkerbell.

Puppies are cute and so are designer fashions, but do they go together? From my experience, dogs as awesome and sophisticated as animals are, do not seem to appreciate couture the way people do. It kind of cramps their style. They also each have a natural coat of fur that is one of a kind and tends to go along with their unique personalities. This being said, I think I have come to an educated conclusion easing the inner turmoil I have been feeling over this issue. Puppies are cute and fabulous the way they are and don’t need designer fashions. Perhaps, a designer collar or leash will do the trick and give you your posh puppy fix. So use your dog’s fashion budget to buy yourself a little something extra. It’s what man’s best friend would have wanted.

  • Christina Caradona

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