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Summers in New York

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As one of the most congested cities ever, the citizens of New York often shy away from its hot summers in favor of the breezy beaches of the eastern seaboard. As long as I have access to air conditioning, I embrace a good summer day in the city that never sleeps. For me, summers in New York bring out some of my fondest Manhattan memories of the time when I first decided to move here. So when the city begins to get warmer, my mind reverts back to the summer of 2009 when I had just graduated from Syracuse University. It was the height of the recession and everyone was broke and obsessed with vampires. Due to the recent death of Michael Jackson, his music was blasting at every bar. I spent the summer going back and forth from Delaware to New York sleeping on friends’ couches and sometimes floors.

As I went through this incredibly turbulent time in my life, I fell in love with New York and all of the glamour it held for me. During that fateful summer, I would find myself walking the streets alone on many steamy afternoons attempting to take in some of the city’s splendor. One day after a job interview, I passed a Bank of America that had a screen in front of it that showed all of the stocks of the day. The whole thing was red and my future was looking incredibly sad. It was then that I decided once and for all that in spite of all odds, I was going to take the future into my own hands and become a socialite. So here I am, living in Manhattan still striving for socialite fame and fortune and loving every moment of it.

Social Media Socialites: FourSquare Goes Vogue

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An entrepreneur is just a socialite with a job. Along with genius business ventures, entrepreneurs have given birth to a new breed of socialites that are made and not born. Self-made that is. Dot.Com Millionaires are out in favor of tech entrepreneurs such as myself. As revealed in Guest of a Guest, FourSquare Co-founders Dennis Crowley (fellow Syracuse University Alum) and Naveen Selvadurai along with Twitter co-founder Evan Williams were seen looking very GQ on the pages of Italian Vogue. Congratulations boys!  I started this blog nearly a year ago because I too plan on tweeting, updating, and checking in my way into socialite fame. However, my endless path to stardom (i.e. magazine covers, book deals, reality shows, etc.) has not been without irony. Instead of maxing out my credit cards on priceless couture at Saks and Bloomingdales like any other Aspiring Socialite, I have found myself spending it all on servers and web development.  I guess that is the price of being a Fashion Tech Entreprenette. Welcome to the Socialite Media Age!   TTYL!

Prince William at War with Queen Elizabeth II Over the Wedding

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Queen Elizabeth II disagrees with Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding Plans

The War of the Roses has once again taken to the British Isles.  After details of the much-anticipated royal wedding between Prince William and the lovely Kate Middleton were announced, Queen Elizabeth II was less than enthused.  In fact, she was livid.  Apparently, her royal highness learned of her grandson’s wedding plans just as the rest of us did, by watching the news.  The traditional matriarch steeped in the tradition of the British crown, was enraged at the couple’s plans for Kate to arrive at Westminster Abbey in a car rather than the traditional horse drawn carriage.  According to witnesses of her breakdown, the Queen made it very clear that buffets have no place at Buckingham Palace. Though the royal wedding craze rightfully glamorizes William and Kate as the world’s most fascinating couple, this family feud makes the impending royal wedding almost like any other.  As the bride and groom stress over the guest list, an overbearing grandmother has already pulled the plug on their breakfast buffet and dance party.  Royalty or not, weddings are a royal pain. I guess the young royals should do away with their trendy plans or it’s off with their heads and the Tower of London isn’t much of a honeymoon suite.

Pretty Little Liars & Greek Premiere Tonight on ABC Family

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Jersey Shore may be cool and all, but I am going crazy with excitement for the back to back premieres of two of my favorite shows, Pretty Little Liars (8pm/9c) and Greek (9pm/10c) tonight on ABC Family. I have always been a fan of teen dramas. Perhaps, they are my way of compensating for my awkward high school years.   Therefore, there is nothing I would rather be doing on a Monday night than drowning in the river of lies shared by Spencer Hastings (Troian Avery Bellisario,) Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson,) Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale,) and Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell.)  Plus, Ezra (Ian Harding) is hot!

Growing out of my awkward teenage phase, in college I was the quintessential sorority girl who wore the golden arrow of Pi Beta Phi. My friends have even jokingly referred to me as Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer.) So Greek brings back tons of great collegiate memories. Like myself, Paul James who plays Calvin Owens also went to Syracuse University. He was frat boy in real life too. I even saw his picture in a composite at Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Speaking of frat boys, Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) is totally overrated.  I think I will follow in the footstep of Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria) and find a boy like Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman.)

[youtube qtgNNYXij5o]

[youtube 1pHFpinPRD8]

The Lights are Brighter than The Hills

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In business as in life, there is nothing more powerful than an idea. On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending the premiere party of The Lights, an online reality series for the social media generation that follows a rolling cast of femmetrepreneurs on the rise in New York City. As a show about big city dreams there was not a better place to kick off the series than the Empire State Building. Season 1 follows the lives of four young women as they hit the streets of New York trying to make their dreams a reality. Christina Esther, Executive Producer and Creator of the show, spends the season trying to promote her latest venture, FudgeHim, a line of products for after a break-up. Emily Brickel embarks on a journey to create her own clothing line trying to get noticed by dressing The Real Housewives of New York. Marigo Mihalos is an all-star publicist attempting to start her own boutique PR agency. The final cast member is digital diva, Sarah Austin, who is a self-made Internet celebrity and one of the first lifecasters on Justin.tvThe Lights is 100% real and truly an inspiration. Who says you can’t be a reality star and a career woman at the same time? They will absolutely be seeing me at their next casting call because like these ladies, my New York story is one that needs to be told. Best of luck to the stars of Season 1! I will be watching.

[youtube M96GbO9kpS4]

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