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Steal vs. Splurge: New York State Pendant Necklace

Identity State Necklace

Splurge: New York Identity State Necklace from Max & Chloe ($88)

Ever since I started college in upstate New York, I’ve been proud to call the state of New York my home. So when I came across these state pendant necklaces, it was great to see that there were pendants for every budget and every state. Not only are these necklaces excellent ways to show your state pride, they also make perfect going away gifts.

New York State Pendant Necklace

Steal: Gold Tone Sterling Silver New York State Pendant from Kohl’s ($24)

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In My Jewelry Box


In the process of doing some much-needed spring cleaning, I went through my jewelry box and discovered a bunch of hidden treasures. The pearl necklace pictured above is from the Venezuelan island of Margarita where I’ve been many times with my family. It is also known as “La Isla de las Perlas” or the “Island of the Pearls” because of all the beautiful pearls they produce. I also found…

Tiffany Key

This Tiffany & Co. key my Dad gave me for Christmas


An inspiring bangle bracelet

evil eye

An evil eye my aunt and grandmother brought me back from Turkey

vintage 90s timex

And some vintage 90s watches I bought at Antoinette because they reminded me of what my mom and aunts used to wear.

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Accessorizing for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time of year to show a little Celtic love by stocking up on a few lucky accessories a.k.a ‘lucky charms.’ Aside from the many stunning shades of green, my favorite Irish symbols include the four leaf clover and Claddagh. So if you’re looking to spend a little green in between beers and whiskey, here are some of my St. Paddy’s Day-themed favorites:

1. Celtic Knot Irish Heart Claddagh Pendant  2. Heart 4 Heart Watch  3. Pandora Four-Leaf Clover Dangle Charm  4. China Glaze Four Leaf Clover  5. Four Leaf Clover Large Candle  6. Diamond Accent Claddagh

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Guest Post: 7 Ways to Care for Your Glasses


With a range of affordable and easy to care for eyeglasses, I recommend Coastal Contacts for anyone looking for the latest styles and classic fashions. Every potential glasses wearer should also be fully aware of the best ways to look after their favorite pair of glasses and make them last as long as possible.  All glasses wearers, from newbies to long-standing devotees, should take a careful look at the following tips to ensure their specs are sparkling.

1. Always aim to clean your glasses regularly and correctly with a specially designed solution. This can also be used alongside treated microfiber hand cloths to keep glasses in the best of condition.  Always rinse any excess moisture thoroughly and then allow to air dry.

2. Make sure that your glasses are protected in the best possible way. When you’re not wearing them, always store them in a hard glasses case. This goes double for night time, when a stray arm or leg can easily knock a pair of specs to the floor, possibly causing damage.

3. Inspect regularly! Make sure that the screws are tightened correctly and that the frames are perfectly in proportion and aligned correctly and comfortably. If they happen to be loose, you can use a small precision screwdriver to tighten the screws.  If you are not feeling too confident in doing this, a local optician will usually be able to do it as a courtesy.

4. Never store your glasses near sources of heat. Leaving specs by a radiator or a fireplace can easily warp frames and significantly weaken treated lenses. Simply pay attention to just where you’re putting your specs down, and always use your hardened carry case.

5. Make sure your glasses stay secure during sports and activities with an eyeglasses chain or strap. These accessories can instantly stop any looseness or danger of slipping off the face. An obvious must in energetic endeavours, these products can save your glasses from the brink of disaster!

6. Use both hands when taking specs off. It may well remind you of an intellectual old professor to remove them one handed, but in terms of glasses protection it is a definite no-no. Slowly and evenly take them off with two hands, so as not to put any unwarranted pressure on the frames.

7. Always avoid placing your specs on the top of head. No matter how relaxed it may seem, it could potentially cause all sorts of problems for your beloved pair. Hair grease and fibers can create a harmful form of damage and the hard skull of the head can bend the frames out of alignment.

This guest post was written by Serenay Taylor, a freelance style and fashion writer. She is also a full-time glasses wearer. 

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5 Sunglasses Hipsters Love

hipster sunglasses

Known as lovers of authenticity, revivers of retro fashion, and promoters of underground music, hipsters are a growing subculture that we still feel we don’t have the whole scoop on. But, regardless of the loathing they may attract for one reason or another, you can always count on their unique fashion sense. After all, these are the people who brought the Wayfarers back! Speaking of which, here are five popular hipster sunglasses I can’t get enough of, as worn by the stars:

1. Ralph Lauren 8071W Sunglasses, as seen on Leandra Medine (Man Repeller.) Houndstooth print is what makes these sunglasses stand out. However, it’s the simple shape that makes them so good: small round lenses and a keyhole nose bridge. They’ve also been sported by Kirsten Dunst and Beyonce.

2. Ray Ban Wayfarers, as seen on Robert Pattinson. As mentioned before, Wayfarers are a huge part of hipster fashion. Men and women wear them alike, whether they’re famous or not. And while a simple, black frame can be stylish, colorful, printed frames are way more hip. Find more styles by clicking here.

3. Karen Walker Northern Lights, as seen on Alexa Chung. When Karen Walker used “advanced” models to showcase their eyewear collection, all hipsters went wild. This particular style features an oversized cat eye shape – so retro! – in classic tortoiseshell.

4. Urban Outfitters Heartbreaker Sunglasses, as seen on Lana del Rey. The singer revives Lolita style with her famous heart shaped sunglasses. She even sings about them in “Diet Mountain Dew” and “Every Man Gets His Wish,” as a reference to the famous Nabokov movie and the resulting movie.

5. Prada 04PS Sunglasses, as seen on Katy Perry. Embellished sunglasses couldn’t have been missing from this hipster list! These Pradas feature gemstones all across the upper side of the frames, combined with a retro inspired cat eye shape, and they’ve also been spotted on Rihanna.

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