Glossy Glam Nails

OPI is one of the best quality nail polish lines on the market today. Its long lasting resilience is beyond top notch, but the names in which these brilliant colors go by are utterly inspiring. With monikers such as Dating a Royal and Greenwich Village who can resist painting the town red day in and day out? For this reason, I am on mission to have OPI’s newest color named “Aspiring Socialite.”

Here are 10 reasons why OPI should name their next hottest color in honor of this blog:

10. A socialite can pull off any color.

9. Getting a manicure is a once a week activity for any aspiring socialite.

8. There is nothing wrong with wearing your pretentiousness on your sleeve.

7. Aspiring to the glossy and glamorous life while doing whatever you want is what “Aspiring Socialite” stands for.

6. Socialites are some of the biggest trendsetters.

5. Quality nail polish is important to people with good taste.

4. If someone told a socialite that they did not like their nail polish color they would still think it was fabulous.

3. I could plan a Hampton’s launch party for this new color.

2. Who doesn’t have high aspirations for their future?

1. Everyone knows that the journey of to the top is a lot more fun than actually being there.

On that note, “Aspiring Socialite” is looking forward to gracing the shelves of every nail salon and beauty supply store. Most of all, the people who read this blog are so awesome that I want to give them something tangible to represent the intangible qualities Aspiring Socialite processes. Love it!